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Avail all your periodic maintenance needs fulfilled right at your door step


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Avail all your periodic maintenance needs fulfilled right at your door step


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Avail all your periodic maintenance needs fulfilled right at your door step

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With PSS AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) avail all your periodic maintenance needs fulfilled right at your door step, along with Car repair, maintenance and 365 days spare change facility and complementary dry cleaning sessions at a reasonable prices of INR 2999/Year.

Periodic Maintenance of your car would attract below features:

Oil change: Oil change is a must factor to be taken care when you drive your car upto a certain limit of kilometers, Depending upon car or type of vehicle you have. Over a period of time your car engine oil losses its strength and wear out due to running of engine, which leads to less effectiveness in lubrication of engine parts and absorbing the engine heat.

Time period for change of Engine oil totally depends upon the kind of engine oil you use for your vehicle, as there are variety of oil grades and categories available in the market for use. Synthetic oils are something which gives more life other than a mineral oil which is preferred more now days.

Change in engine oil would improve the vehicles engine life and would also enhance the performance and reduces engine parts wear and tear.

Oil Filter Change:  Oil filter is a part in your vehicle which is again a most important part of your vehicle engine, it protects your engine from dirt and other foreign particles which normally affects your engine life and reduced your engine oil performance.

With every certain kilometers/Hours you drive your vehicle, it is must to change your Engine oil filer with change of Engine oil. 

Change in the engine oil filter would maintain the life of engine oil and protects engine from dirt and other foreign particles, which in turn gives better engine life.

Air Filter Change: Together with the Engine Oil and filter, Air filters also plays an important role in the vehicle by protecting the engine from Dirt and dust and provides the engine pure and good quality air for good engine efficiency.

Change of Air filter also depends upon the conditions of vehicle usage, vehicles running in dusty environment are recommended to be replaced with a new Air Filter than vehicles running in a clean and less dusty environment.

Use of old air filter may lead to mal functioning of engine, poor pick up, jerks & other similar issues, instant remedy for chocked air filter is to remove and cleaned properly with air pressure in a proper manner and replace as soon as possible on priority.

Coolant Change: It is known to all that when an engine is running it produces massive heat, to control the engine from heating up to an allowable temperature a cooling material is being used which is called Coolant, Coolant is a liquid which absorbs the engine heat and releases it by the help of a Radiator and maintain the required temperature in the engine compartment.

It is being observed many a time people uses water in place of coolant and consider the same results, but it is always good to maintain an adequate amount of coolant in the system, as coolant not only controls heat but also prevents the engine from rust, which is quite possible to happen in use of alone water.

As everything else does, coolant also has a life cycle, thus it is recommended to replace the coolant on each periodic maintenance cycle. 

Brake Oil check/top up:   Brakes in a vehicle is something which is directly linked to the human safety, so is a must part to be taken care and checked at regular intervals.

Brake oil is used in the vehicles which has Hydraulic brake system, especially in passenger cars and new generation motorcycles.

It is not recommended to change the Brake oil changed every time you go for a periodic maintenance, but is must to check the oil level in system and top up accordingly in each periodic maintenance.

Spark Plug check/Replace: All petrol engines uses spark plugs, which produces spark in the combustion chamber of the engine, a spark plug produces spark in the combustion chamber which ignited the fuel and power is generated, which in turn runs the vehicle.

Over a period of time a spark plug reduces its potential to produce quality spark to the fuel which leads to low fuel efficiency, smoke, missing of engine, poor power generation and other issues in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

It is always necessary for the mechanic to check the spark plug on each periodic maintenance and replace if required or else clean and use the same.

Suspension check: Many a time’s people get confused with the term suspension, and mix suspension with shock absorbers, but they are different. Suspension of the vehicle is the part which is normally linked with the steering link rods and other like: connecting rods, mainly ball joints, steering ball joins, control arms etc.

Since ball joints always come with a ball and cage technology covered with a rubber boot, which has a tendency of boot cut and ball joint failure in a case where boots are cut. This would lead to abnormal noise in bumpy roads and vibration in vehicle.

During every periodic maintenance suspension joints are to be checked and replaced in case found damaged. 

Shock absorber/Dampers check: There are two kinds of shock absorber technologies being normally used in the passenger cars Gas charges & Oil charge. Normally on a bad or bumpy road the shock absorbers of vehicle losses strength and the main seal tends to leak due to jerks and other impact on the vehicle.

Each shock absorber of the vehicle has to be thoroughly checked for leak and bush kit damage during each periodic maintenance, and if found leak should be replaced.

Axle check:  Most of the passenger cars running on roads runs on front wheel in which a set of Axle or half shaft is used, which transmits the power from gear box to each front wheel, thus plays a very important role in vehicle running. In an event of failure of a half shaft/axle vehicle running or movement could be effected or completely stop.

Operation of the half shaft is not as simple as it is imagined as it has to move up and down, to and fro drastically along with the wheel movement, which is done with the help of a flexible bearing which is covered with a rubber boot to avoid dust and dirt to enter in to the bearing system.

Normally over a period of time the rubber boots tends to cut and damage, which results in failure of the axle/half shafts, if found on a early stage the bearing could be again covered with the boot and could be prevented from foreign particles and other damage causing impacts or else has to replaced with a new one.

Head lamps and other lights check: When a vehicle is being driven in dark, we normally put on the vehicles head lamps, but imagine a dark night you have to drive and the “vehicle head lamps does not work” or ”you want to turn and the indicators are not functioning proper” or you apply breaks and the vehicle running after you hits you from back since he didn’t knew you applied brake” that could be due to anything like, connector loose, fuse failure or a bulb fuse.

It is very important to get your head lamps and other lights checked thoroughly for any kind of fault or damage to keep your driving safe and comfortable.

Belt check and replace: Engine timing belt works to make sync between the cam shaft and crank shaft which in turn results in opening and closing of the engine valves in sync with the pistons to provide symmetry to the engine running. 

Malfunctioning of a timing belt will results to abnormal strokes, missing in engine and other issue.

Normally the timing belt has teeth to avoid slippage, these teeth over a period of time gets worn out which fails in making sync between the cam and crank shaft. It is not mandatory to replace the belts every periodic maintenance, but is mandatory to be checked for any kind of fault or cracks in each periodic maintenance for better and efficient engine working. In case found faulty should be replaced with a new one.




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